Law School Continuing Education

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Continuing education in law is very popular as many lawyers migrate from one type of law such as criminal law to another type such as employment law. Additionally, many jurisdictions require their lawyers to receive continuing education. Currently, approximately 40 jurisdictions in the United States do so. Whether you want to learn about a different type of law, expand knowledge on your current specialty, or are required to do so, a continuing education in law is the perfect solution.

Professionals will find a variety of options for continuing legal education. One popular and traditional option is law school programs, which are available on-campus and in some cases, online. In addition, some state bar associations offer continuing legal education to their lawyers; also, many states have continuing legal education associations dedicated to providing lawyers with seminars that count as continuing education.

Some topics associated with continuing legal education include:

  • Administrative Law
  • Antitrust Law
  • Children's Advocacy
  • Cyberspace Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Insurance Law

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