Paralegal Career Specialties

Paralegal Career Specialties

Paralegal students have several specialties to concentrate their studies on. We've listed some of them below.

Court Reporting
Court reporters make verbatim reports of legal proceedings, meetings, conversations, speeches, and other events to maintain accurate legal records.

Dispute Resolution
Paralegals who specialize in dispute resolution assist with legal proceedings for agencies that handle mediation and arbitration for labor, contract, and family law issues.

Legal Secretary
Legal secretaries assist lawyers and paralegals in the office, through administrative duties, research, receiving clients, and more.

Office Management
Paralegals who specialize in office management coordinate record keeping, office procedures, workflow, and teamwork throughout the legal office.

Paralegal/Legal Assistant
Paralegals assist lawyers with preparation for trials, hearings, meetings, and closings through research and analysis of facts and law. They also may prepare legal arguments, pleadings, and motions, as well as assist attorneys in many other facets of day-to-day work.

Personal Injury
Paralegals with a personal injury focus work with personal injury and liability attorneys, and prepare briefs, study case law, investigate negligence, and present damages.

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